We’re not joining the financing business, we’re vaulting it forward.

VaultPay makes payments simple for everyone

Designed to ease the transaction between merchants and homeowners, we began our journey by asking a simple question.

How do you turn an ‘I don’t know’ into a ‘yes?’ We’ve all felt the deflation before. Your customer wants what they want. Your business hopes to provide it. Then comes the awkward financial conversation…


So VaultPay created simple, fast payment options and approvals. Suddenly customers are in control of how and when they pay. And partner businesses are the heroes who helped make it happen.

Speed, efficiency and happiness all round? Yes! Yes! And resoundingly yes!

Discover how VaultPay can move you forward.

Better Control
VaultPay puts customers in control, because they select how and when they pay
Customers Want It
Over 70% of customers would use a payment plan if the right choice was presented
Close more deals
Drive higher close rates and customer satisfaction by offering custom VaultPay options
One stop shop for all your payments

The consumer finance space can be tired and cumbersome. It creates work – and worse, frustration – in customers who want something, only to find it’s financially out of reach.

Now VaultPay offers customers total payment control. Simple, easy options to pay today or finance flexibly and economically tomorrow.

Customers can choose from:

  • Vault By Month – Affordable monthly amounts
  • Vault It Forward – Don’t pay for up to 12 months
  • Vault 60 – Equal payments up to 60 months – 0% Interest
  • Custom Vault – Payment plan built by need
  • Pay how you want – By debit
  • Pay when you want – Pay Today or Pay Later
With nothing short of total payment transformation, we’re turning deal-killing frustration into deal-making happiness.
VaultPay’s innovative technology enables customized payment options as never before. Unprecedented choice to the customer means competitive advantage to our business partners.