Choice for your customers. Competitive advantage for you. 
Happiness all round!

An experience both you and your customers will love
no awkward moments
Present ‘pay your way’ plans instead of asking uncomfortable financial questions.
Everyone’s approved
Get to a ‘yes’ faster with our Customer Approval Guarantee Program. Ask us how!
Get your time back
Focus on your customers instead of completing traditional financing paperwork.
provide peace of mind
Customers can pay at their own pace, on their own terms, and with full data security.
Tools designed for today’s sales team

Vault By Month
Affordable monthly amounts to suit any budget.

Vault It Forward
No interest and no payments for up to 12 months. No retroactive interest.

Vault 60
Payment terms up to 60 months with 0% interest.

How they want
By credit card or pre-authorized debit.

When they want
In full or tomorrow with their choice of payment plan.

Send customers up to 3 professional project quotes and custom payment options in less than 30 seconds.

Build your brand and customer recognition with VaultPay’s White Label tools.

We hate paperwork too! With VaultPay’s fully digital experience, messy quotes, paper contracts and manual invoices are a thing of the past.

Customers searching for void cheques or debit forms is so 20 years ago! VaultPay designed VaultVerify so your customer can connect and confirm ID and banking details in seconds.

Send your customers an invoice from anywhere, anytime. PayLink lets your customers pay how they want, when they want.

It’s a win-win-win-win (that’s a lot of benefit!)
win #1
Easy payment solutions mean you can ‘make it happen’ for your customers.
win #2
Spend less time on admin and follow-up and more time being your customers’ hero!
win #3
Your customers can get what they want, at a price they can afford.
win #4
Our deal-closing process gives you an advantage over your competitors.